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A Guide to Investing In UK Nursing Homes for Sale


A Guide to Investing In UK Nursing Homes for Sale

Nursing homes in the United Kingdom are usually referred to as care homes. These homes provide residential care for the older people. Elders in the current decade prefer to stay in care homes than residential homes because of practical benefits like, they have their own privacy besides getting 24 hours security and support from staffs.

There are over 18000 care homes and residential homes in the country and the number is growing due to a wide array of reasons. A recent study reveals that, demand for the care home will soar one third more in the next 20 years. Amidst of the rising cost in care home, yet thousands of elderly people require care homes in the upcoming years.

So the demand for these nursing homes are continuously on the upsurge. Care home
investments are a lucrative alternative to conventional buy and lease property management in the current era. In fact, you can  describe it as the largest booming sector in the real estate industry. This has caused investors to show new interest in the health care real estate sector. You can definitely expect a rise of over 80 percent in the next few years. Even strategic reports confirm this report. But what are the critical reasons for the increase in demand of these care home facilities?


The UK is ageing more than any other countries in the world. The average life expectancy of adults have increased to more than 85. Hence, the country is witnessing significant increase in the population. Apparently, the care given to the elderly in residential homes are not quite encouraging because of people’s busy lifestyle’s and they appear to have less time to pay attention and offer companionship.

So, the elders as they age have a feel of isolation and have a hard time living the rest of their lives being neglected. With the availability of care homes, people have regained hope that there is someone who can care for them and pay attention when they need it. Therefore, the number of care homes has showed an increase considerably, especially in locations where it is purely residential.

Investing in the care home business has turned to being a lucrative business for most investors. Many investors find it as the most rewarding business than any others. Here’s why;

·Not a business but a good cause – Health care is a place where people need service and look for some humanity. It is the best industry for people who want to work for their heart instead of money.

·Booming industry in the current marketplace – With growing demand and ageing population, it is evidently a booming industry, which will see a significant rise by 2035

·Health background is immaterial – Investing in care homes does not require you to be a professional health care specialist. If you have an intention to service, this is a perfect industry to invest in.

·Higher yields – The UK nursing homes provide higher than average returns when compared to conventional assets.

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