30 Sep

Investing In Assisted Living Facilities Can Make You Double In 10 Year


The average age of a British citizen has increased over the years. It is estimated that the number of people over the age of 85 will increase more than double in the next 15 years. NHS Confederation predicts an increase to 3.6 million people over the age of 85 in 2039 from 1.4 million back in 2014. The change in demographic opens up many opportunities in the assisted living market as a large number of the elderly retire unable to care for themselves physically, mentally and financially. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4182899-avoiding-pitfalls-senior-housing-investments

According to the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO), the compound growth rate for assisted living facilities has increased 6% since 1995. Based on this information, many investors have predicted that the real estate market will double in 10 years.

The number of retirees that live in poverty is estimated at 14% by Age UK. Additionally, only 5% retire with their finances to be able to support themselves. The lack of facilities available to the elderly shows a great demand for care homes. These numbers indicate that the market for assisted living facilities is going to grow at a high rate.

By 2025, about 80% of the retirees will fall under mid to high affluence. This is largely because of the property market. Most of these people were able to become homeowners at an affordable cost as the real estate market was different in their youth. However, as they age they will no longer be able to live without assistance. Housing units that provide health care and assistance are growing in demand.

Currently, over 75% of the assisted living facilities fall within the affordable price range. Investing in real estate for this purpose is a good investment plan with great earning potential. Many of these homes provide individual units with a communal area and on-site health facilities. These are the preferred option for many retirees as it provides the care and privacy they need.

Perhaps the biggest market for assisted living in the UK is currently luxury care. Many people over the age of 65 that can afford the costs of retirement might not be able to live independently. Another reason for people to move into home care facilities in the sense of community that comes from living in homes like these. These luxury homes provide residents with plenty of independence and the opportunity to get involved with social events. Some investors have reportedly made profits of £2 million per home with these luxury care homes.

Investing in a care home does not require the investor to be present on the site. The investor can simply lease the property out to a care home operator. These leases are usually a long-term for a period of about 10 years and give the investor net yields of around 10% per year. The care home operator will run the facility on a lease and the investor receives a yearly interest.

The increasing average age of the UK’s population has created a massive demand for better facilities for the elderly. This need has also seeped into the political agenda. The market for mid to high care homes is set to increase dramatically and investing in assisted living facilities could double your investment in 10 years.

27 Sep

Buy A Care Home Room In The UK For Investment And You Won’t Regret It!


Are you looking for a care partner at home who can care for your family members? Residential care homes can help you find a second home for your parents. Home care is perfect for those who want their family and friends in the family to take good care of them during their golden years. Here are some of the reasons why you wont regret buying Care Home Room as an investment with a company like Sterling Woodrow!

Care Home Room provide the best care, facilities and independence whether it be your parents, friends or grandparents, you can be sure that a nursing home is ready and willing to do everything possible to make your family and friends feel at home.

Care Home Room staff are carefully selected not only for their experience and skills but also for their personality. Healthcare facilities are looking for real attention and a nice personality in the staff they hire. These traits ensure that your grandparents or other members of your family feel real attention during their stay. These traits also ensure that your parents are properly cared for. Staff ensures that their parents’, friends’ or grandparents’ medications are provided appropriately. You can sleep better knowing that your loved ones are being looked after well.


A retirement home also offers services that ensure that your friends and relatives are comfortable. Some Care Home companies offer physiotherapists to their clients. Physiotherapists weave their magic and make sure that any pains of their parents, friends or grandparents disappear. Therapists also help treat arthritis to make sure the elderly are comfortable. You can send the care giver to your home to care for the people you want if they provide this service.

Room’s provided for guests are designed and decorated so that their grandparents or other relatives feel at home. Your veterans will not miss their house because of the comfort they receive. Residential care homes offer all the comfort their parents or grandparents need to feel right at home.

A residential care home is very beneficial to people who can no longer live at home, even if they have the support of home care services. You can stay in a residential care home for a short period of time. In retirement homes, you will have a well-furnished room. Some residential care homes also allow you to bring your own furniture. Staff availability will be 24 hours.

Care Home Room in the UK will normally provide accommodation, meals and personal care. Things like helping to get in and out of bed, helping with tasks such as washing clothes and using the toilets. There are many reasons why people need this type of care and support. You can compare prices and services quickly and easily when viewed online. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each Care Home provider will help you make an informed decision.

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24 Sep

Retirement Village Investment Has Assured Rental Returns


You must know that the retirement village investment has assured rental returns, and you have to keep this fact in mind at all times. If you want to invest in the UK housing market, this article is for you. We will dive deeper into the older people housing market, and you will truly get the high-quality information you are looking for!

Hot Market

The retirement home market (villas included) – is booming in the UK. Thousands upon thousands of homes are built every single year in this nation for the older people of the country and rate is still growing at a staggering pace. These are other things to take into consideration:

-Check the data that comes from the NHBC so you can have a clear understanding of the market.
-The NHBC reports a huge increase in the construction of homes for the older people in the country in recent years.


More Has to Be Done

Since more has to be done for the older people of the nation, it becomes a great opportunity for you to take advantage of and make more money. The biggest builder in the UK is in the retirement home market and its main concern is about the number of houses to build for the growing elderly population.

The first thing that you have to get rid of are sadistic staff. Make sure your staff will treat your clients like kings and queens. If they don’t do that, then they need to go as soon as possible as they will not help you make good money in this market.

The Race is On

Legal & General is planning to build thousands of homes for the elderly in the next few years, and you should do the same! This is the proof that a huge market is found in the UK in the older population, and you can truly profit from it. They might also have some luxury villages in their portfolio because they understand the needs of the market.

There is also a huge merger & acquisition activity in this industry. What does it mean for you? It means that there is a lot of money to be made here because the industry is in the middle of a consolidation phase, so you can be part of this.

Remember that the housing market for the older population is booming in the UK. They also want luxury properties that your company can provide these days, and you can truly make good money down the road if you want to.

Provide the market with the things they need and you will be provided with the money you want. If you do this you will truly gain the respect and admiration of the business community in the UK, and you will also make good money.

The race is on and you can truly become a good player in the older people housing market in the UK, whilst making good money!

21 Sep

A Guide to Investing In UK Nursing Homes for Sale


A Guide to Investing In UK Nursing Homes for Sale

Nursing homes in the United Kingdom are usually referred to as care homes. These homes provide residential care for the older people. Elders in the current decade prefer to stay in care homes than residential homes because of practical benefits like, they have their own privacy besides getting 24 hours security and support from staffs.

There are over 18000 care homes and residential homes in the country and the number is growing due to a wide array of reasons. A recent study reveals that, demand for the care home will soar one third more in the next 20 years. Amidst of the rising cost in care home, yet thousands of elderly people require care homes in the upcoming years.

So the demand for these nursing homes are continuously on the upsurge. Care home
investments are a lucrative alternative to conventional buy and lease property management in the current era. In fact, you can  describe it as the largest booming sector in the real estate industry. This has caused investors to show new interest in the health care real estate sector. You can definitely expect a rise of over 80 percent in the next few years. Even strategic reports confirm this report. But what are the critical reasons for the increase in demand of these care home facilities?


The UK is ageing more than any other countries in the world. The average life expectancy of adults have increased to more than 85. Hence, the country is witnessing significant increase in the population. Apparently, the care given to the elderly in residential homes are not quite encouraging because of people’s busy lifestyle’s and they appear to have less time to pay attention and offer companionship.

So, the elders as they age have a feel of isolation and have a hard time living the rest of their lives being neglected. With the availability of care homes, people have regained hope that there is someone who can care for them and pay attention when they need it. Therefore, the number of care homes has showed an increase considerably, especially in locations where it is purely residential.

Investing in the care home business has turned to being a lucrative business for most investors. Many investors find it as the most rewarding business than any others. Here’s why;

·Not a business but a good cause – Health care is a place where people need service and look for some humanity. It is the best industry for people who want to work for their heart instead of money.

·Booming industry in the current marketplace – With growing demand and ageing population, it is evidently a booming industry, which will see a significant rise by 2035

·Health background is immaterial – Investing in care homes does not require you to be a professional health care specialist. If you have an intention to service, this is a perfect industry to invest in.

·Higher yields – The UK nursing homes provide higher than average returns when compared to conventional assets.

18 Sep

Investing In Retirement Communities Can Result In Higher Yields Than Buy-To-Let


If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you will quickly realize how overwhelming it is due to the wide variety of options you have; this can easily decrease your desire to invest. Well, you’re in luck because we can narrow it down to the two most common investments made and the factors that contribute to one being better than the other.


These two common investments are:
•Investing in retirement communities
•Investing in Buy-to-Let style homes

Retirement communities are communities that offer housing for people over the age of 55 and are limited to this demographic only. Buy-to-Let mortgages are used by landlords who buy property for the sole purpose of renting it out to others. So, which one will result in a higher yield?

Investing in retirement communities will result in higher yields. This is due to a variety of different factors. Each factor affecting the results differently. The factors associated with retirement communities are much more favorable.

The biggest fault with buy-to-let are the taxes, strict tax crackdowns have made it more difficult to utilize buy-to-let financing. Other factors include: the turnover rate for these properties is high due to the demographics of people who rent. Usually, renters are not yet financially stable and are not comfortable enough to buy. This instability can change rapidly and eventually, renters will want to “move up” in life and buy a home; leaving you in sporadic periods of time with no income from your rental property.

Now, we come to retirement communities. Three of the biggest factors making retirement communities the better option to yield higher results are as followed:

•First, retirement communities are growing exponentially! Which makes sense, people age, with age comes less ability to do daily activities independently and this causes many to move to a retirement community so they can have any extra help they may need. People are never going to stop growing old therefore, the demand for retirement communities is only going to increase.

•Second, the location of retirement communities makes them extremely desirable. They are in smaller more quiet towns with other elderly people. This makes for a more peaceful living environment and a slower pace of life that eases the stress and anxiety that comes with faster on the go types of environments.

•Third, you can consider the social benefits for the people living within these communities. This is more psychological than financial, but it is equally important. Elderly people living in a community with only other elderly people gives them a sense of social belonging and fitting in. Everyone needs this feeling of belonging and once they get it, they will stay; which means longer term financial income from more steady clients.

This only scratches the surface regarding retirement communities resulting in higher yield and much more can be investigated; however, use this core information to allow you to think logically about these two options and gain a fundamental understanding to build more knowledge on. Use this as your starting point, know these well and use this knowledge going forward so you can make the most out of your investments with no regrets!