Any decision made is only as sound as the quantity
and quality of information on which it is based.

Nothing has changed sales and distribution in the world more than the advent of the internet. It has revolutionized everything we do. It is the great equalizer. Only on the web can an individual working from their home give the appearance of being as large and successful as Microsoft, General Motors or other Fortune 100 companies. As a result, it has created enormous opportunities to earn income through a virtual presence with hardly any overhead. Unfortunately it is also a perfect breeding ground for scams. So how does one know what is a good opportunity and what is a scam?

Consumer Research is an organization made up of non-paid volunteers that research various opportunities presented on the web and then issue reports available to the public. We post each report at its own domain name so that will be ranked high with search engines. Chances are that you found this site as a result of one or more of our reports. Our team is made up of individuals and professions with varied backgrounds so that we can have an “expert” research the part of the opportunity that falls into their area of expertise.

Unlike other consumer organizations, we do not recommend or endorse specific companies or products. Rather, our reports show what to look for, what to avoid and how best to compare price to value. The only time we ever mention a specific company or product by name is if it is a warning alert of a scam, a dangerous product or something you should avoid at all costs. We feel that this is the best way to give a consumer the most unbiased opinion possible.

Join Our Team
Would you like to join our team as a non-paid volunteer researcher? The larger our team, the more subjects we can research. Simply complete our application form and if your area of expertise is one where we do not already have an abundance of talent, we would welcome your assistance. It is self-sacrificing individuals like you that make our work possible.